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Margaret Middleton

Margaret Middleton

The Rev Margaret Middleton is a retired Uniting Church minister. She occasionally provides supply ministry in the wider church but leads worship in TUC regularly. 

Margaret also supports our work by leading several groups of people seeking to grow and deepen their faith. She is a member of the Karralika outreach team and is a member of the Presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee.

Monday, 25 December 2017 05:52

From little things big things grow

Here we are. Christmas Day 2017.  Almost time to leave behind the mad rush of the season which seems to get madder with each passing year. How you feeling? Do you feel like celebrating?

Perhaps you are sighing in relief because now there is time to relax - at least for a few days! Hopefully you do feel like celebrating and enjoying the day with family and friends even if that means putting on a silly hat and telling equally silly jokes.

However, for some, it must be acknowledged the day may be tinged with loneliness or disappointment. For some there will dread rather than joy because of the fear of violence or perhaps an impending separation or loss of a job.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017 01:35

The Parable of the Corrupt System

Here’s a scary thought….Christmas is not very far away.  And, the liturgical year finishes next Sunday. Then it’s Advent!  So in many ways we are in end times. We are waiting for Christmas to arrive and theologically we are waiting for the coming reign of God.

Last Sunday Megan spoke about Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians in which Paul urged the little community of believers in Thessalonica not to be afraid or give up being faithful before Jesus returned. Paul, like Matthew’s community believed that Messiah Jesus would return in his life time. Many still wait for the physical return of Jesus but others like myself, are waiting for the day when God’s reign will be clearly seen.  Whichever way you think about what this means, the scripture passages that speak of God’s coming are very relevant to us in the now, but not yet, time.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017 01:38

Sometimes a king is simply a king

Last week Iain and I went to Melbourne with other members of my family to participate in a 50km bike ride as part of an event called “Around the Bay.” It was especially memorable not just because we did it as a family, but also because we actually rode over the Westgate Bridge which is normally closed to bike riders.

Iain and I took the longer route home, with a couple of overnight stop overs, giving me
plenty of time to wrestle with today’s parable in Matthew’s gospel.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017 01:26

Silence Is Not Always Golden - Part 2

Romans 13:8-10

Have you ever heard of the rule that says once spring has sprung, you ought to start spring cleaning? Mostly it is unspoken, perhaps even traditional. For me, as soon as there are a couple of warm days after the cold of winter, I begin to notice the dust on the fly screens or streaks of dirt on the windows. I am sure there are many husbands who dread the list of jobs that begin to increase in urgency because of this law that says: “ Spring has sprung – let’s get on with it!” On the other hand, it might be the other way round in your family and it is the man of the house begins to feel the force of the law and not the woman like it is in ours!

This is a fairly frivolous example of law. There are many laws, however, that govern our behaviour and for the sake of social cohesionthey are vital.

Thursday, 24 August 2017 00:57

When Silence is Not Golden

If I were to ask you what one of the top 10 moral and cultural issues of the last 100 years might be, I wonder what you would say?
Would you agree that racial identity rates highly among the top 100? - Think of the horrified reaction of the world when it was learned that Nazi Germans had killed six million people whose only crime was to be a Jew. Remember the dawning of disgust and the galvanising of action when the world realised that the South African apartheid system discriminated against millions of people simply because of the colour of their skin.

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