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Thinking Space

Feb 8, 2017

Faith and spirituality

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12 February

In the readings this week, Paul writes about how he fed the Corinthians with spiritual milk as they were spiritual “infants in Christ,” not ready for “solid food.” Perhaps we are not much different in the Church today. We tend to see things too simply. Like the fledgling nation of Israel, we often see things as either/or. Life and faith are presented as life and prosperity versus death and adversity, blessings versus curses.

Feb 6, 2017

Does God reign

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Matthew 5: 13-20     Isaiah 58: 1-9a

Does God reign?   That seems to be a strange question to ask when the today’s text from Matthew is about light and salt.

Jan 17, 2017

Edinburgh Tattoo

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The 2016 Edinburgh Tattoo

I wonder if, like me, you watched the Edinburgh Tattoo on New Year’s Eve?

It was so colourful, so magnificent, so stirring… well, almost  to the very  end, when an orator stood on a balcony and recited the final lines of W.E. Henley’s poem, ‘Invictus’: 

It matters not how strait the gate, 
How charged with punishment the scroll;
I am the master of my fate,
 I am the captain of my soul.

At that point the enjoyment of the Tattoo disappeared for me.

Quote for today

...But you know Him, for He lives with you, and will be in you. John14:17

The Jesus Fatwah

Love Your (Muslim) Neighbour As Yourself. This is a DVD series which attempts to address the many issues raised by disinformation, stereotype and fear about what Muslims believe and how they live. Read more...

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Our faith community began in 1975 as a small ecumenical gathering of people who settled in the new Canberra township of Tuggeranong. We have grown with the Tuggeranong Community, and our parish centre is the hub for our work, as a place of worship, of gathering and ministry.

We aim to help people have life to the full. We welcome people into a our Christian community where they can connect with God, with one another and with opportunities to make a difference in our changing world.

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