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Here’s a scary thought….Christmas is not very far away.  And, the liturgical year finishes next Sunday. Then it’s Advent!  So in many ways we are in end times. We are waiting for Christmas to arrive and theologically we are waiting for the coming reign of God.

Last Sunday Megan spoke about Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians in which Paul urged the little community of believers in Thessalonica not to be afraid or give up being faithful before Jesus returned. Paul, like Matthew’s community believed that Messiah Jesus would return in his life time. Many still wait for the physical return of Jesus but others like myself, are waiting for the day when God’s reign will be clearly seen.  Whichever way you think about what this means, the scripture passages that speak of God’s coming are very relevant to us in the now, but not yet, time.

Nov 16, 2017

How to Wait

Written by

Psalm 78:1-7 and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
I don’t know about you folks, but waiting is a skill that I find incredibly difficult to cultivate. All of the bible readings for this week have something to say about being patient and waiting. (And in talking about waiting, I have chosen not to focus on the gospel reading about wise and foolish waiting, because otherwise I will talk for way too long! But I encourage you to explore that for yourselves.

It may have escaped your notice that 500 years ago on 31 October 1517,
Martin Luther nailed 95 theses on door of Wittenberg castle church in
response to the excesses of the Roman church of the day. His act that was part
of the start of a movement that shook the foundations of the church.

Phyllis Tickle is a writer on emergent Christianity, and she has suggested that
there is a momentous shift in Christianity every 500 years or so that reshapes
the church and activates it with fresh vision and energy.

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Our faith community began in 1975 as a small ecumenical gathering of people who settled in the new Canberra township of Tuggeranong. We have grown with the Tuggeranong Community, and our parish centre is the hub for our work, as a place of worship, of gathering and ministry.

We aim to help people have life to the full. We welcome people into a our Christian community where they can connect with God, with one another and with opportunities to make a difference in our changing world.

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