We welcome you to our Tuggeranong Uniting faith community

In partnership under God, we have a vision to be a growing and loving community reaching out to people in the Tuggeranong valley in vital ways that speak of God’s love and generosity.

We believe in a loving God, revealed in Jesus Christ, whose spirit is present in the world today. We believe that the Gospel of Jesus calls us into action in the world, to promote justice, peace, equality and basic human rights for all.

Whether you are committed to your faith, or seeking answers to some of the big questions of life, you are welcome to explore the relevance of Christian faith in modern life with us.

Changes to Sunday Worship

Please note that in response to the surge in Covid cases, TUC worship will be conducted online via Zoom until further notice. The Church Council will keep this matter under regular review and will advise the congregation accordingly.

Click on the button below to connect to worship services on Zoom on Sunday mornings.