Church Council elections

Our AGM will be on 19 November 2023. This year, there are several positions which come up for election. Two are for church council and two are for elder positions. We also need to elect the Congregation Secretary, and two presbytery representatives.

A list of current positions with those falling vacant is on the notice board (and on reverse of Discernment paper.) Vacant positions highlighted red. Nomination forms and the discernment paper is on front counter.

What is the discernment process?
Tuggeranong Uniting is using the Uniting Church ‘process of discernment’ to decide eligible people for election. This means that congregation members prayerfully consider who might be suitable for these roles and submit them to the church via secret ballot. There is no need to speak to the person first. This could be someone not currently in a position, or members currently vacating a spot may be prepared to stand for re-election.

Once the nominations are submitted, those with the most votes will be approached to see if they are prepared to stand for election at the AGM.

Attributes needed:
For Church Council, personal gifts may include spiritual wisdom, ability to listen to others and make decisions, as well as gifts in different ministry areas of the congregation.

Elders also need these gifts, and in addition, may be especially suited to a pastoral care role.

The Congregation Secretary requires a person with wisdom and gifts in administration.

Presbytery representatives should have an interest in the wider governance of the Uniting Church.

Please prayerfully consider people for these positions, and submit your form to the congregation chairperson, by email  ( letter (marked ‘confidential’) before the closing deadline of Sunday 29 October 2022.

The documents are available on the front counter or you can download the forms on this page.