What’s important to us

Our vision is to be a growing and loving community touching the lives of people in the Tuggeranong valley.

We seek to engage our community of Tuggeranong in vital ways that speak of God’s love and generosity. This engagement has led to a number of ministries and activities.

We believe that Jesus Christ is at the heart of our life together, calling us to gather in worship and into service to those who are vulnerable and in need. Our Sunday morning service provide a different emphasis for varying spiritual needs. An important part of Sunday activity is gathering after the worship to share over coffee or tea, to engage each other meaningfully and share our journey with each other.

Prayer is important to us. Members of the congregation participate in the the worship services through prayers for the world and the community. A group of people gathers regularly to pray for our church, for renewal, and in sharing to deepen their spiritual journey.

Another key aspect of our life is sharing and growing together in small groups, or cells. Over half our number choose to be part of a small group and have found this to be a wonderful way to build friendships, to grow in faith and understanding and to share more deeply about the important things of our life journey. Some of our meetings have been in-depth Bible study with scholarly input and leadership that we have had from the (now retired) Rev Elizabeth Raine, supported by Rev Dr John Squires with plenty of opportunity for sharing. For now these studies are sponsored by With Love to the World and hosted on TUC’s Zoom platform.

Rethinking our focus

Our congregation’s mission priorities identified three key areas for our attention as we move forward. These are:

These areas arise out of the core of our life together – faith in the the person of Jesus Christ and a desire to follow in His Way, a life of worship and prayer together, the care and nurture of the community of faith, and the way of organising our faith community (its governance). As we look to the future and aim to grow a thriving community of faith, these areas will drive our priorities in mission and outreach.

Organising our life

Our faith community is organised by a church council – a body of elders and leaders elected by the congregation to help the congregation shape its vision and work to build up the mission and life of the group. Within this council there are people providing leadership for mission and service, property, communications, safe-church practices and finance. The elders meet separately to focus on the spiritual health and nurture of the congregation, and report to church council.

The Uniting Church

Tuggeranong Uniting is a congregation of the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA). The UCA was formed in 1977 by the coming together of the Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches. The missional and ecumenical vision of the UCA is beautifully articulated in The Basis of Union