Using Jitsi Software

Some of our small groups and congregation members are meeting up online using an app called Jitsi. The software allows you to set up a permanent online meeting room that you, and those in your group, can use meet up and chat online.

Tablet users (iPad etc) and mobile users need to download the free app as instructed by the website

Desktop computer users will need to download the browser Google Chrome (Jitsi Meet currently does not work with other browsers).

The host of the group needs to open a new ‘room’ by entering a distinctive name for the group, and then advising everyone else what the name is (and the time to meet). 

Tablet / mobile users need to open the Jitsi Meet app and enter GROUP NAME in the Enter Room Name field.

Desktop computer users need to go to the website above (using Google Chrome) and enter  GROUP NAME   in the Start a New Meeting field.

A permanent meeting room is thus created and we can pop in and out of it as we please, at agreed times. Meeting / room names should reflect specific projects and be unique.

You need to allow Jitsi Meet to use your camera and microphone by clicking Allow when the prompt appears. Each memer of the group will need to make sure that their microphone and camera are switched on to allow the group to see and hear them.

Microphone and camera toggle buttons are down the bottom of the screen. Move your cursor down to see them.