TUC Social Group

Come and enjoy meeting new people, getting together for fun and fellowship and just generally having a great time. The social group is open to everyone. All age groups are welcome and it is not necessary to attend the church.

Our modern society has become increasingly “connected” — through social media, smart phones and modern technology — but ironically many of us feel increasingly lonely and dissatisfied. Building stronger in-person connections, looking people in the eyes, listening, sharing our life together and enjoying meaningful social connections can increase our enjoyment of life and lead to feelings of greater fulfillment and general happiness.

The TUC Social Group meets monthly, usually on the second Saturday of the month, for a diverse range of activities.

Past activities have included attending exhibitions, cultural activities, festivals, sharing meals at restaurants and in our members homes, picnics, barbecues and movie nights. We try to offer something for all interests and new suggestions for activities are very welcome. Costs are kept to a minimum to make the group welcoming for everyone.

Please check out our program below and if the group sounds like something you would like to be a part of contact the church office for more information.

2019 Program

10 Feb Pancake Night at pancake parlor in civic
10 March Space Descent – bookings necessary at the National Museum.Experience the thrill of being an astronaut inside a Russian space capsule using the latest 360 degree virtual reality technology. Take the pilot’s seat on a breathtaking 400km descent to Earth from the International Space Station.
14 April ‘Another Day in Paradise’ at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre 2.00pm 
12 May
Pot Luck Dinner and Games at the Church
9 June ‘1968 Changing Times’ at the National Library of Aust. Sex drugs, rock’n’roll … and a missing prime minister. 1968 was a momentous year. Not only was it the year the National Library’s beautiful building was opened, it was a time of tumultuous events…. 
14 July Christmas in July at the Church. 
11 August Everybody’s Birthday!!!!!!!!    Details later
8 September Outing to Tulip Top Gardens
12 October Highland Gathering in the afternoon followed by dinner and a jazz performance at Tilley’s Devine Cafe.
9 November BBQ – All church members are invited
8 December Christmas Break-Up. Details to be advised.