Tuggeranong Uniting Movers + Shakers

The Tuggeranong Uniting Movers + Shakers are a walking and running group who meet regularly for exercise, friendship and to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings in the Tuggeranong area.

The group meets at various locations around lake Tuggeranong every Saturday morning to walk or run the Lake Tuggeranong Circuit (6.8km walk). Some members run the circuit, others walk it at a leisurely pace. Afterwards the group have coffee in a café at Tuggeranong. If you would like to join the group please contact the church office. All are welcome.

As well as the weekly walk the Movers + Shakers have recently taken part in the 2022 Mother’s Day Classic walk and run to raise funds for breast cancer treatment and research. The group plan to take part in other events in the future, and perhaps venture out of the Tuggeranong area and explore other walks around Canberra.