A New Moses – teaching righteousness and Justice

The Gospel attributed to Matthew has long been regarded as a keystone of Christian doctrine. Placed first in the New Testament, it enjoys a prominent place within the church. It has many distinctive features, each of which has played an important role in the development of Christian faith and behaviour.

In chapters 5–7, in an unbroken collection of teachings known as the Sermon on the Mount, the basis of the Christian ethic was set forth. In chapters 13, 20, 22, and 25, a marvellous treasury of the parables of Jesus are found, helping to develop a distinctively Christian understanding of Jesus’ teachings on “the kingdom of heaven”. The special name given to Jesus, Emmanuel (God with us), is reported only in Matt 1:23, while the assurance of Jesus’ abiding presence with believers (18:20) and his offer of “rest for your souls” (11:29) are sayings reported only in this Gospel. So, too, is the text which has been used to validate the Roman episcopacy as first among equals: “you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church” (16:18); and, at the close of the gospel, the text where the supreme missionary charter is set out: “go…and make disciples of all nations” (28:19).

The Gospel according to Matthew has influenced churches from Catholic to evangelical; it has helped to shape Christian doctrine, and has been most influential in its development over the centuries.

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