Star Trek Voyager: A Theological Journey

Are you someone who is interested in science fiction? Have you ever wondered how these two things might speak to each other?

Science fiction is a genre that has traditionally explored many of the big questions of our humanity, such as our purpose in life, issues of ethics and morality, and questions of faith. And though it may happen in a galaxy far, far away, the issues that confront the characters in these stories are often our own issues.

Our minister, Rev. Elizabeth Raine, is part of a weekly podcast that attempts to explore these things through the Star Trek series Voyager. Each week, Elizabeth, along with Rev. Will Nicholas and Rev, Lindsay Cullen will be looking for and discussing issues of faith and questions of humanity that arise from the Voyager series.

Some of the things we have explored so far include what is the difference between a god and a powerful alien? How do humans behave when confronted with powerful alien enemies and threats to their existence? How do we see the biblical stories being represented in this genre?

If you are a fan of Star Trek or Sci-fi, and this sounds like something you would like to explore, you can catch us every Wednesday talking about these and other questions.

Introduction – In the Beginning

Episode 1 – The Caretaker

Episode 2 – Parallax

Episode 3 – Time And Again

Episode 4 – The Phage

Episode 5 – The Cloud

Episode 6 – Eye of the Needle