Prayer Partners is a ministry of TUC that centres on praying for the pastoral needs of the congregation. 

As part of being a loving Christian community, Jesus challenges us to “love one another as I have loved you” (John 15: 12). At TUC, praying for one another – especially in times of sickness and hardships (as well as in times of gratitude and joy!), is an essential aspect of our love and care for each other. Such care also extends to our family, friends and contacts in the wider community. 

Prayer Partners are a small group of dedicated people who are committed to faithfully praying for you. Prayer invites our loving God into situations of concern. The group partners with you in prayer in relation to your concerns and issues. Your prayer requests are shared only among this small group, and are treated with the utmost confidentiality. Prayer requests are about seeking God’s help and wisdom in the challenges of life, and in both the struggles and joy of discipleship. Such requests can include prayers about:

  • Sickness or health 
  • Work and/or retirement 
  • Family or friendships 
  • Discernment of God’s directions and guidance
  • Discipleship
  • Issues concerning loved ones, friends and/or wider contacts
  • Points of gratitude and praise.

This list is not exhaustive. Anything on your heart that you desire prayer for is welcomed by Prayer Partners.

Making a prayer request

This is easy to do. You can talk to (or message or ring) anyone who is part of the Prayer Partners group.

Or you can use the email button on the electronic version of the TUC newsletter. This email will go directly to one of the leaders of ‘Prayer Partners’ who will pass it on to the rest of the group.

Or use the form below to email a prayer request.