Blessing of the Animals

27 September – 9:30am at the church

As a part of our SpringFest celebrations Tuggeranong Uniting Church will be holding an outdoor Blessing of the Animals service on 27 September.

Our scriptures make clear that God created all animals and filled them with his spirit (Psalm 104), so it is fitting that we offer a blessing for the animals who live with us, assist us and bring us comfort and joy.

Pets such as cats and dogs, birds, reptiles, and fish, and other domesticated animals are welcome to attend. When people are not able to bring an animal, they may wish to bring a picture of an animal they love or even an endangered species in the wild.

To provide a comfortable context for all pets attending, animals must be on a leash or in a secure pen for the safety of other animals.

The special focus for this service will be a public expression of the bond we have with all animals. Through the service, we will acknowledge them an integral part of our worship life and relationships.

Please mark this service in your diary, and invite your family, friends and neighbours to bring their beloved pets to be blessed.