Events Gallery

Christmas Reimagined 2020

Our church celebrated the festive season with a multi-experience, family friendly Christmas extravaganza! The whole community was invited to Christmas Reimagined to help is spread some Christmas joy and cheer. The event featured live animals at a petting zoo, lots of bible characters in costume, Christmas stories in a storytelling corner, Christmas crafts to make, live entertainment, and a pop up café.

TUC Christmas Pageant Video

Tuggeranong Uniting Church presented a modern re-telling of the narratives surrounding Jesus’ birth during our Christmas worship service. The video was filmed mostly via Zoom and stars members of our congregation and our Girls’ Brigade. Our church children (and adults) did such a great job bringing the characters to life, and it was a joy to watch during our Christmas service. 

Girls’ Brigade Presentation Night 2020

Our Girls’ Brigade company held their annual presentation night on the 6th of December 2020. They celebrated their achievements, growth and the friendships they have experienced together during 2020 by receiving their awards and enjoying supper with their families in attendance. The girls also presented a wonderful nativity play during the evening.

Blessing of the Animals 2020

Our blessing of the animals service for 2020 was held outdoors as part of our SpringFEST festival. It was a fantastic morning of celebration for all of God’s beautiful and diverse creatures, and allowed us to give thanks for the finned and scaled, furry and feathered creatures with whom we share life on this planet. It also gave our pets a chance to meet and socialise!

SpringFEST 2020

Tuggeranong Uniting Church partnered with SouthFest and See-Change this year to hold a spring celebration! SpringFEST Sustainability Fair introduced us to some exciting new ways to reduce our environmental footprint, and connect with others in our community! The Fair featured a series of sustainability workshops on a variety of topics such as composting, seed saving, reducing plastic use, worm farming and creating bee friendly gardens. In addition we had all our favorite Spring Fair stalls.

Girls’ Brigade Fashion Parade 2019

Friday 1 November – The Girls’ Brigade fashion parade showcased ladies and children’s fashions, sourced from the range of beautiful preloved clothes available at Red Dove Preloved, and modeled by the Girls’ Brigade members and their leaders.

Renew and Reuse Festival 2019

19 October – Our church is passionate about combating climate change, protecting the environment and conserving natural resources and the festival was an opportunity to share this passion with others and hopefully inspire those who visited to make more sustainable choices in their own life.