The Elders Committee has designated March as Hospitality Month, and they are encouraging the congregation to meet up over a meal and get to know each other a little better. March is also the month that the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre holds their fund-raising event, Feast for Freedom. So we are looking to combine the two things, and hold hospitality meals that also raise funds for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in support of people seeking asylum.

Feast for Freedom is a shared food experience in aid of people seeking asylum. Held throughout Australia, it is a four day celebration of the flavours and cultural diversity that people seeking asylum bring to Australia.

We are therefore looking for people to volunteer to host a dinner. You can do this in your existing small groups or invite people from the congregation and your neighbourhood to join you in March to both get to know each other and to help a very worthwhile cause. The ASRC has available a variety of recipes from different cuisines that have been supplied by refugees for you to cook. You can also use your own culturally diverse recipes.

Feast for Freedom is generally held between Thursday 19th March and Sunday 22nd March 2020. Each host can choose the day and time they would like to hold their feast. If you are not free that weekend, you can host your feast a bit before or after that weekend if that works best for you. Diners are asked to donate what they think the meal would be worth in a café or restaurant.

 If you are able to host a dinner, or if you would like to attend a dinner, please contact the church office. More information is available at the Feast for Freedom website.