Renew and Reuse Festival

19 October – 9:00am to 2:00pm

Instead of the familiar Spring Fair, this year TUC will hosted a sustainability festival. 

The Renew and Reuse Festival celebrates our church’s commitment to living more sustainable and and environmentally friendly lives and allows us to promote recycling and earth friendly practices within our community.

Our church is passionate about combating climate change, protecting the environment and conserving natural resources and the festival is an opportunity to share this passion with others and hopefully inspire those who visit to make more sustainable choices in their own life.

The Renew and Reuse Festival will feature all of your favourite stalls from previous Spring Fairs including:

Our sustainability theme saw workshops on ideas such as  – reducing the use of plastic, re-using materials for card and paper making, re-use your old crockery in the garden! As well, there will be Preloved clothing, bric a brac and furniture, plants and flowers. Try out the Old Coots’ Advice – it might not be the best advice, but at least it’s free!

The Festival was a beautiful day, lots of sunshine tempered by a light to moderate breeze that caused a bit of excitement for outside activities. It was wonderful to see many people enjoying themselves on this new way to celebrate our faith community.

This event will be a plastic bag and plastic drinking straw free event.