Women of the Bible Study

As we enter into the season after Pentecost known as ‘Ordinary time’, we will be starting a new bible study that will be anything but ordinary. For the next few weeks, we will be study various women in the bible, but not just the well-known ones.

Have you ever wondered who Tirzah was? Can you name the two female prophets in the bible and what they were famous for? Whose daughter was sacrificed whilst someone else’s son was saved? What is the legacy the early Christian church has left us in regard to women?

If these are questions you would like to know the answers to, come along every Thursday to our Zoom bible study meeting at 10:00am or 7:00pm.

To link in to the online bible study meetings you will need to install Zoom onto your computer, phone or tablet. For information on how to install and use Zoom please click here.

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