Weekly Bible Study

Exploring the Gospel of Mark

It’s the shortest Gospel. It’s the earliest Gospel. It tells the story of Jesus in a way that two other writers saw fit to use it as the basis for their more extended versions. And it’s the Gospel that the lectionary will follow from June through to November. So it’s the Gospel that will be in focus in the next online series of Bible Studies.

Once again, Elizabeth Raine and John Squires will lead the exploration of the Gospel of Mark in a weekly online session—Thursdays at 10am, or Thursdays at 7pm. The same topic is offered twice each week; participate in the one that is most convenient for you. The studies are hosted by Tuggeranong Uniting Church and sponsored by With Love to the World, a daily Bible reading resource.

Click HERE to go to our YouTube channel to see recordings of sessions as they occur, or the link on the session topic below to see the recording of each session.


June-July 2024The Gospel of Mark – COMING SOON
April-May 2024Explore Acts during Easter
Feb-March 2024Explore the Gospels during Lent
June 2023Jesus in Matthew
November 2022Advent Journey with Matthew
February 2023Journey with John through Lent
February 2022Studies in Luke’s Gospel
July 2022Studies in the Prophets
September 2021Where will Wisdom be Found
February 2021Introduction to the OT
November 2020Introduction to the NT
December 2021Advent Studies 2021