Weekly Bible Study

Rev Elizabeth Raine and Rev Dr John Squires lead our weekly bible study meetings that take place online every Thursday at 10:00am or 7:00pm.

The current Bible Study series, “Study in the Prophets”, encourages participants to read texts from the prophets of Israel, explore their historical context, understand their literary forms, delve into the theology of each prophet, and consider how these passages speak to us today.

These studies are designed to give those participating a greater knowledge of the texts, gain a more profound understanding using various principles of biblical interpretation, and explore how biblical messages can be applied to our everyday lives.

The studies will help you will learn a range of skills that allow you to read, interpret, and understand the events and stories contained in the writings in a more comprehensive way. If you would like to join our bible study groups please contact us.

Previous bible studies have covered topics such as exploring how biblical texts relate to social justice issues and sustainability, discussing the lesser known women in the bible and how biblical women have typically been portrayed in Christian culture, and using Midrash as a method to gain greater insight into biblical texts.

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You can view recordings of our previous bible studies below: