COVID-19 Presbytery Response

By Uniting Church Canberra Region Presbytery

COVID-19 Response from the Uniting Church in Australia Canberra Region Presbytery:

Leaders from all Presbyteries and the Synod have met today, to give consideration to the situation regarding worship and groups meeting on Uniting Church facilities. Our Presbytery Co-Chairs and a Presbytery Ministers participated. We have agreed to provide the following guidance to Presbyteries, Congregations and Faith Communities across the Synod.

We noted the clear advice that has been provided by government health authorities, about the importance of acting early for the benefit of the whole society. Early action will minimise the likelihood of becoming infected, slow the rate at which the virus spreads, flatten the curve of the incidence of serious cases, and assist the medical and hospital systems in responding to seriously increased demands.

The very strong recommendation is that we should not be meeting in person in any gathering. This means immediately suspending worship and other group activities on all Uniting Church properties.

The formal communication from the Moderator and the General Secretary, with further details, is attached. Please read this as a matter of high priority and begin the process of communicating this to your local leadership.

A pastoral letter from Presbytery leadership will be sent tomorrow and further indications of ongoing support and resources will be provided in the days ahead.

We want to be sure that Presbytery supports and equips you as you work with people in your community of faith to meet the challenges ahead. Please do not hesitate to contact either of your Presbytery Ministers if you wish to discuss any pastoral matters relating to this situation.

Rev Dr John Squires
Presbytery Minister—Wellbeing
Canberra Region Presbytery
Uniting Church in Australia

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Written by Uniting Church Canberra Region Presbytery

The Canberra Region Presbytery is a group of 30 congregations which, along with agencies such as Greenhills Conference Centre, live out the mission of Jesus and the call to enter into the unity which Jesus prayed for in John 17. Canberra region Presbytery has three geographical regions: Country, Coast and Capital.

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